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by Tom Nelson

TextExpander 5 lets you type more with less effort, or at least, fewer keystrokes. TextExpander is a text substitution app that can take small snippets of text, abbreviations if you will, and expand them into simple or complex entries in any app where text is expected, such as word processors or forms. Just about anywhere you can enter text, Text Expander will work.


Image courtesy of SmileOnMyMac

TextExpander can easily become one of your favorite apps, or at least a can’t-do-without app. That’s because TextExpander fills a need that just about every Mac user has. Its main job is to expand an abbreviation you create into a much larger chain of text and images. TextExpander calls these abbreviations snippets. An expanded snippet can be as simple as your email address, or as complex as an event invitation that includes dates, times, and images.

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