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by Tom Nelson

Apple’s Boot Camp provides the fastest Windows environment available on a Mac. And because you’re truly running Windows, not using a virtualization product, running Windows in Boot Camp is generally more stable, and works with a wider variety of peripherals, than any other Mac-based option.


Image courtesy of Apple

Let’s get this out of the way first: Apple’s Boot Camp isn’t a virtualization system that allows you to run Windows. The Mac’s hardware, which is built from pretty much standard PC components, is perfectly capable of running Windows as is, provided you could gather together all of the needed Windows drivers for the Mac hardware.

Boot Camp is really just an app designed to assist you in making your Mac ready to accept a Windows partition, and then to allow you to download and install all of the necessary Windows drivers. That’s the core feature of Boot Camp, although it’s true that Boot Camp does all this with the usual Apple flair, and by doing so, makes installing Windows on a Mac quite easy.

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