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by Tom Nelson

The Mac refurb store has a nice selection of Mac models this week, including Mac minis and 27-inch Retina iMacs. There are also some interesting configurations of the 2013 Mac Pro available; one of them may be just the way you would want it tricked out.


Image courtesy of Apple

Deals of the Week

Our first deal of the week may make some eyes widen, especially if you’re looking for the most mobile of Macs: a very nicely put together MacBook Air with a 512 GB SSD to keep all of your data at your fingertips. Unlike the MacBook Airs with the smaller SSDs, the 512 GB model should mean you won’t have to rely on external data storage.

Coming in below $2,000, our second deal is for a 27-inch Retina iMac with a 1 TB Fusion drive, a nice configuration for general productivity.

Our last deal this week is for a 2013 Mac Pro with a 6-core configuration and a 512 GB SSD. This model should provide plenty of CPU performance and a nicely sized SSD for pros to get started on their endeavors.

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