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by Tom Nelson

If you’re thinking about upgrading your MacBook and wondering how difficult it might be, stop worrying. If your Mac is a 2010 or earlier model then you will be happy to know the MacBook is one of the easiest Macs to upgrade with more memory or a larger hard drive. The only disappointment is that the MacBook has only two memory slots. Depending on the model, you can add a maximum of 2, 4, 6, or 8 GB.


Image courtesy of Apple

You may also need to acquire small Philips and Torx screwdrivers to complete the upgrades. Check the user guide for your model, via the links below, for the screwdriver sizes you’ll need.

If your MacBook is a 2015 model (12-inch MacBook released), then your upgrade path is restricted to external devices, such as additional external storage space.

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