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by Tom Nelson

I’ve been using Mac Pros for many years, but with Apple’s change to the cylindrical Mac Pro design in late 2013, it was time to either move to a different Mac model or upgrade my 2010 Mac Pro, to gain performance that would allow me to delay having to replace my trusty Mac.

In the end, I decided to do both. I’m moving on to a new Retina iMac, updating the Mac Pro, and then handing it down to my wife to replace her aging iMac, which has been having display problems.


Image courtesy of Other World Computing

To help her get the most out of the new (to her) Mac Pro, I thought about removing the performance bottleneck caused by the slower SATA II drive interface, and replacing the startup drive with an SSD. Because this should provide a nice boost in performance, I started looking for how to gain the benefits of an SSD without breaking the bank. That meant deciding on both the SSD storage and a way to connect it to the Mac Pro without spending an arm and a leg.

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