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by Tom Nelson

NetSpot from Etwok is a Wi-Fi site survey app that can map out your home’s Wi-Fi coverage, allowing you to discover weak reception areas and areas with excessive interference. With the help of the site surveys you perform, you may be able to adjust your Wi-Fi coverage to meet your needs just by making changes to AP locations, or if necessary, adding wireless access points to pick up the slack in coverage.


Image courtesy of Etwok, LLC

NetSpot is available in both pro and enterprise versions, as well as two free versions. This review will look at the free NetSpot version available as a download directly from the NetSpot web site, and not the version that’s available from the Mac App Store. I chose to look at the NetSpot web site version because of the limitations imposed by the Mac App Store on the product, which causes it to be missing a few important features. And since both versions are free, let’s look at the best available version.

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