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by Tom Nelson

Mac Pros from 2006 through 2012 shipped with four 3.5-inch internal hard drive bays. Each drive connects to a SATA II (3 Gbits/sec) controller. In addition, the Mac Pros also have at least one optical drive, plus space for a second optical drive. The 2006 through 2008 Mac Pro optical drives use an ATA-100 interface, while the 2009 through 2012 Mac Pro optical drives use the same SATA II interface as the hard drives.

HD install - 15

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Conventional Drive Expansion

The most popular method of expanding the Mac Pro’s internal storage is to add hard drives using the built-in drive sleds supplied by Apple. This method of upgrading is a snap. Pull out the drive sled, mount the new drive to the sled, and then pop the sled back into the drive bay.

The About: Macs web site already has a detailed step-by-step guide for installing an internal hard drive in a Mac Pro. Please refer to that guide for installation details; it will be part of the process for many of the storage upgrades we’re going to mention in this guide.

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