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by Tom Nelson

Upgrading the hard drive in an iMac is a DIY project that has always been a difficult, although not impossible, task. With the advent of the late 2009 edition iMacs as well as subsequent iMac models, there’s a new twist that limits how you can upgrade the iMac’s hard drive.


Image courtesy of Apple

iMacs have always had a temperature sensor for their internal hard drive. The Mac operating system monitors hard drive temperature and adjusts the internal fans to ensure optimal airflow to keep the hard drive, as well as the rest of the iMac’s inner workings, cool.

Up until the late 2009 model iMacs, the temperature probe for the hard drive was mounted to the hard drive’s cover. When you upgraded the hard drive, all you needed to do was to re-attach the temperature sensor to the new hard drive’s case and you were ready to go.

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