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by Tom Nelson

Printing with a Mac is a pretty straightforward process. Open a document or app, select the Print option from the File menu, and you’re on your way to printing from a single page to hundreds of pages. If you have multiple documents that need to be printed, just repeat this process. Open the document, select Print, and if needed, adjust a few printer options. Continue to repeat this process as needed.


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Desktop Printer Features

It wasn’t always this way. In versions of OS X that preceded Leopard (10.5), there was an option to create a desktop printer, an icon that sat on your desktop and provided both drag-and-drop printing capabilities and quick access to monitoring and fixing any printing issues that may have occurred.

Drag-and-drop printing is a very useful feature, especially if you have a number of documents to print at once. This form of quick printing will work for most document types, including text, photos, and spreadsheets.

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