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by Tom Nelson

Hiding active applications is a nice trick for keeping your desktop uncluttered as you work with multiple applications. You can hide any application by clicking in the application and pressing the command + h keys, or by selecting Hide from the application’s menu. For example, in Apple’s Mail app, you would select Hide Mail from the Mail menu.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

I tend to hide the Mail app quite often, but because its Dock icon includes a badge showing unread emails, I can easily keep up with incoming messages.

(A little red badge on a Dock icon indicates an alert for the app, such as a Calendar event reminder, an update in the App Store, or new messages in Mail.)

Once you have a few application windows hidden, it can be tough to figure out which applications are hidden, and which applications are merely covered by another window or have been collapsed (minimized) to the Dock. Fortunately, there’s an easy Terminal trick that allows the Dock to use a translucent icon for any application that has been hidden. Once you execute this trick, you’ll have a quick visual indication in the Dock of which active applications are hidden. And even though a hidden app will now have a translucent Dock icon, any badge associated with the icon will still function.

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