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by Tom Nelson

When you need to access a file or folder on your Mac, it’s the Finder that will get you there. The Finder offers a number of features, including the ability to show the files located on your Mac in different ways, or views, to use the Finder’s parlance.

The Finder’s List view is one of the most versatile ways of displaying information about items in a folder. In List view, each object in a folder is displayed with its name and an assortment of additional data arranged in a row and column view, much like what you would see in a spreadsheet.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

This arrangement lets you quickly view all kinds of pertinent information about an object. For instance, you can tell at a glance the date a file was last modified, how large the file is, and what kind of file it is. You can view up to nine different file properties, in addition to a file or folder’s name.

List view has a lot going for it. You can rearrange columns in any order you wish, or quickly sort by column in ascending or descending order just by clicking on the name of the column.

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