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by Tom Nelson

The Mac App Store makes buying and installing Mac apps a fairly easy process by taking care of all of the heavy lifting involved. The Mac App Store will both download an app to your Mac and start the installation process. It also keeps track of which apps you have purchased, and which of the apps are currently installed on your Mac.

While that’s a good thing, it can also be a problem. Sometimes an install goes bad, and you need to re-download the app and install it again.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

But when you return to the Mac App Store, you may find the app is listed as installed. The option to download or install is grayed out, or the word “Download” has been replaced with the word “Installed.”

There are several tricks to get the Mac App Store to reset its flags and let you download an app again. They range from deleting the app and its installer, if they’re still present on your Mac, to phoning or dropping an email to Apple support. But the easiest way by far is to use the Mac App Store’s built-in method for overriding the status of purchased apps.

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