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by Tom Nelson

It’s easy to create Apple Mail rules that tell the application how to process incoming pieces of mail.

Rules have two components: the condition and the action. Conditions are guidelines for selecting the type of message an action will affect. You could have a Mail rule whose condition looks for any mail from your friend Sean, and whose action is to highlight the message, so you can more easily see it in your inbox.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Mail rules can do much more than simply find and highlight messages. They can organize your mail; for example, they can recognize banking-related messages and move them to your bank email folder. They can grab spam from recurring senders and move it automatically to a Junk folder or the Trash. They can also take a message and forward it to a different email address. There are currently 12 built-in actions available. If you know how to create AppleScripts, Mail can also run AppleScripts to perform additional actions, such as launch specific applications.

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