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by Tom Nelson

The Mac refurb store continues to have stock of the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. We hope this is a condition that will become the norm instead of the exception, as it was during the summer of 2015.

Mac minis are a bit low in stock. They seem to be the most likely not to be in stock at any given time, so even if there’s just one model in stock, it’s still worth mentioning.


Image courtesy of Apple

Deals of the Week

Our first deal this week is for a very nicely configured 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, complete with a powerful Quad-Core i7 that, with its hyper-threading capabilities, looks like 8 cores to OS X. And to keep all of those cores full of data to process, a 512 GB flash drive. Not to be outdone, how about a pair of graphics processors?

Our second deal is for those who need a large display, preferably a 5K display; that’s right, a 27-inch iMac with Retina display. This week we’re stepping up from the base model and picking one with a slightly faster processor, and also a very fast 256 GB flash drive for storage.

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