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by Tom Nelson

iCal syncing is one of the handy features available in iCloud, Apple’s cloud-based service. It was also available in MobileMe, Apple’s previous cloud service. By syncing your calendars, you were assured that any Mac you used on a regular basis would always have all of your calendar events available to you. This is handy if you use multiple Macs at home or in the office, but it’s especially handy if you take a mobile Mac on the road.


Image courtesy of Apple

When you update your iCal app on one Mac, the new entries are available on all of your Macs.

With the advent of iCloud, you can continue iCal syncing just by upgrading to the new service. But if you have an older Mac, or you don’t want to update your OS to Lion or later (the minimum version of OS X required to run iCloud), then you may think you’re out of luck.

Well, you’re not. With a few minutes of your time and Apple’s Terminal app, you can continue to sync iCal with multiple Macs.

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