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by Tom Nelson

Reasonably priced Mac minis are back in stock. I say reasonably because in the past few weeks, only models with price tags north of $1,500 seemed to be available, a price I consider well beyond the range of any type of deal for a Mac mini. This week finds both the base model and a mid-level model of the mini available.


Image courtesy of Apple

The rest of the refurb store appears to be well stocked, with a lot to pick from, including a slight price drop from $199.00 to $179.00 on an AirPort Time Capsule with a 2 TB drive.

Deals of the Week

Our first deal this week is for a 2015 11.6-inch MacBook Air with a 256 GB flash drive. This would make a wonderful walking-around Mac.

Our next pick is a 2014 Mac mini with a 1 TB Fusion drive and 8 GB of RAM. This mid-level Mac mini offers enough storage and memory to meet the needs of most users, and you can’t beat the price.

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