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by Tom Nelson

Mac minis are once again missing from the refurb store, but since they tend to come and go at regular intervals, it’s not really all that surprising. Also not surprising, in the wake of new 2015 21.5-inch iMacs and 27-inch iMacs being announced last week, the iMac inventory is seeing both price reductions and a drop in available inventory.


Image courtesy of Apple

The iMac inventory problem should resolve itself in a week or two, and the new lower prices should be a permanent fixture, at least until the next update of the iMac lineup.

Deals of the Week

This week’s deals include a current generation, top-of-the-line 11.6-inch MacBook Air complete with Dual-Core i7 processor and 512 GB flash drive. It’s rare to see the fully configured MacBook Air in the store, so it definitely gets our deal of the week rating.

Our second deal this week is on a 2014 27-inch iMac with Retina display. This model is currently the only Retina iMac in the refurb store, and it has seen a nice price drop versus last week.

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