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by Tom Nelson

The original Magic Mouse comes with AA alkaline batteries pre-installed and ready for use. Some early Magic Mouse users reported that battery life was abysmal, though: a mere 30 days or so. This may be one of the reasons Apple changed the battery type used in the Magic Mouse 2 to an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Image courtesy of Apple

The batteries, and not the mouse, may be the culprit. In most cases, the Magic Mouse comes with Energizer batteries, which are a well-respected brand, but it’s difficult to know how long they’ve been on the shelf before being installed in a Magic Mouse. It’s likely that new, fresh batteries will last longer than the 30 days some users were getting out of the initial batch.

Of course, battery life also depends on usage. The Magic Mouse is supposed to go into hibernation when it detects a lack of use, which should help extend battery life. Turning the Magic Mouse off manually when you’re done using it, with the switch on the mouse’s belly, should help push battery life a little further.

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