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by Tom Nelson

The Mac refurb store is well stocked in anticipation of the holiday season. However, keep in mind that the inventory is prone to very wild fluctuations during the holiday season, as people snap up the deals for presents for loved ones.

There are no Black Friday sales in the refurb store, so I recommend grabbing the Mac you need when you see that it’s available.


Image courtesy of Apple

Deals of the Week

Our deals for this week are for Macs you can take with you, on the road, to school, or just wandering around aimlessly, looking for free Wi-Fi.

To meet your portable Mac needs, may I suggest a 2015 MacBook Air that should be able to meet all of your basic needs in a very small package. Or, if you’re looking for a bit more power on the road with only a slightly larger footprint, how about a 2015 MacBook Pro that includes a Retina display and both a faster processor and a larger SSD for storage.

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