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by Tom Nelson

Acorn from Flying Meat, Inc., has long been one of our favorite alternatives to complex image-editing apps such as Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong; Photoshop has its place, but for 90 percent of the type of image editing I do, Acorn more than meets my needs, at a substantiality lower price point, and without having to buy a subscription to use the application.


Image courtesy of Flying Meat, Inc.

Acorn is available directly from Flying Meat, as well as from the Mac App Store.

The price is the same no matter where you purchase Acorn from, however, there are some subtle differences between the two versions. The most notable is that the direct version can create layers directly from your computer’s camera, letting you easily overlay an image on top of an existing one. You can find the rest of the differences outlined in Acorn’s FAQ.

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