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by Tom Nelson

The Finder comes with a couple of ways to organize your Mac’s files. One of these new features is the Arrange By option, which you can find in the toolbar of an open Finder window.

The Item Arrangement button is located just to the right of the Finder view buttons, which offer the four standard ways of displaying items in a Finder window: by Icon, List, Column, or Cover Flow.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Item Arrangement works with all four of the standard Finder views to give you some additional control over the order in which items display within a Finder view.

For instance, the default Icon view displays items in an alphanumeric organization, but you can also drag the item icons around to arrange them as you wish. This is handy for a folder that only contains a few items, but a pain in the rear when a folder has dozens of items to arrange.

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