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by Tom Nelson

Regularly backing up data should be at the top of every Mac user’s to-do list (Windows users, too). Over the years, every drive in every computer I’ve ever owned has failed at some point. But because I maintain current backups of my data, and routinely check the health of my Mac and its drives, I’ve never been devastated by a drive failure; only inconvenienced.


Image courtesy of Apple

If you haven’t yet set up a backup routine to keep your data safe, this list of free Mac backup applications will help you get started. Don’t delay; tomorrow may be too late.

A word about free; some of the selected apps are indeed free, such as Apple’s Time Machine, which is included with every copy of OS X. And since OS X has been free since OS X Lion, I’m going to consider Time Machine a free backup app. Others are a free/paid composite. They will operate without issues as a backup app, but the paid version has additional features and niceties that are usually well worth the price. There’s not a single app in this list I wouldn’t pay for myself, and in fact, I already do.

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