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by Tom Nelson

It’s not a well-kept secret, yet few Mac users seem to know that they can alter the default OS X login window to include a message or greeting. The message can be for just about any purpose. It can be a simple greeting, such as “Welcome back, buddy” or a silly one, such as “While you were away, I cleaned up all those messy files on your drive. You’re welcome.”


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Other uses for a login message are to help identify the Mac or the OS that it’s running, which can be very helpful in a school or computer lab setting.

In such environments, computers get moved about quite a bit, so knowing which Mac you’re sitting in front of, and which OS it’s running, can save you a good deal of time. In this case, the login message could be something like “I’m Sylvester, and I’m running OS X El Capitan.”

There are three ways to set the login window message: using OS X Server, with Terminal, or by using the Security & Privacy system preference pane.

We’ll look at all three methods, and provide detailed instructions for the last two methods.

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