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by Tom Nelson

My choice this week for Tom’s Mac Software Pick is a bit unusual, although not in the actual software, which is a wonderful collection of photo editing tools that any photographer would find useful. What’s unusual is that I made the pick knowing that the Nik Collection will probably never be updated again, and will likely disappear within a year.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

So, why did I make this choice? The Nik Collection is a well-regarded series of seven image manipulation apps that can be used standalone, or as plug-ins for various image editing apps.

The collection originally sold for $500, when the apps were part of Nik Software. After Google acquired Nik, the price for the Nik Collection dropped to $150, a relative bargain.

Now Google has announced that the Nik Collection will be available for free, an even better bargain, although this probably means that Google is abandoning the apps, and won’t be providing any updates in the future.

Still, the Nik Collection is a pretty awesome set of filters and effects that every photographer should have in his or her bag of tricks.

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