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by Tom Nelson

The Mac refurb store is nicely stocked this week with lots of Macs across all product lines and performance levels. That gave me the opportunity to look for deals that fit the average user, someone who needs more than a base level configuration, but less than a top-of-the-line model.

I think this type of Mac configuration is likely to be the one most of us have, and use every day. The great thing about these middle-of-the-road Macs is that they’re equipped enough to use as is for the entire lifetime of the Mac; if you need just a bit more performance, they can be bumped up by adding fast external storage or internal RAM, for those models that let you add RAM easily.


Image courtesy of Apple

Deals of the Week

  • First up, a 2015 11.3-inch MacBook Air. This deal includes a Dual-Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of flash-based internal storage. If you need a lightweight Mac, but don’t want to sacrifice performance for weight, this is a great choice.
  • Next up, a 2015 15.4-inch MacBook Pro. This portable Mac is quite a step up in performance from the MacBook Air, and does so by adding weight and a bit more cost. You’ll find a Quad-Core i7, Retina Display, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB internal flash storage.
  • The next deal is for a 2014 Mac mini. This mini includes a Dual-Core i5, 8 GB RAM, plus a 1 TB Fusion drive. This mini would make a great little workhorse for the desktop.
  • Our last deal is also a desktop Mac; specifically, a 2015 27-inch Retina iMac. You’ll find this Mac equipped with a Quad-Core i5, 8 GB RAM (user expandable), and a 1 TB Fusion drive. This Mac is a great choice for anyone working with graphics in any media, or who simply needs a large Retina display to make their work easier.

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