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by Tom Nelson

Now that you’ve switched to a Mac as your new computing platform, you may wonder how you’re going to move all your stuff from your Windows PC to the Mac. Well, you’re in luck; making the move to the Mac doesn’t require tossing out all of your Windows data and files. For the most part, all of your Windows user data, including documents, pictures, music, and videos, can make the journey to the Mac without too much trouble.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Your Windows applications, however, will have to stay behind. They depend on a Windows operating system, and won’t run directly on a Mac. But don’t worry; if there’s an application that you just can’t live without or that doesn’t have a Mac equivalent, there are ways to run a Windows environment on a Mac. You’ll need to either dual-boot your Mac between Windows and OS X, or run third-party virtual machine software, such as:

Parallels Desktop for Mac

VMWare Fusion

Oracle VM VirtualBox

For now, let’s focus on moving your user data to your new Mac, so you can get back to work or have a bit of fun.

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