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by Tom Nelson

Safari is my web browser of choice. I use it every day, for just about everything web-related. Safari gets quite a workout from me, and most of the time it delivers outstanding performance.

There are times, however, when Safari seems to be sluggish; sometimes the rendering of a web page slows down, or the spinning pinwheel takes over. On rare occasions, web pages fail to load, or forms display strangely or simply don’t work.


Who’s At Fault?

One of the problems with diagnosing a Safari slowdown is determining who’s at fault. While my experience may not be the same as yours, most of the time I find Safari slowdowns are related to my ISP or DNS provider having difficulties, or the website I’m trying to reach having its own server problems.

I’m not trying to say that Safari slowdowns are always caused by an outside source; far from it, but you should consider the possibility when trying to diagnose a Safari problem.

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