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by Tom Nelson

Time Machine has many tricks up its sleeve to ensure error-free backups, as well as backups that take as little time as possible to complete. In some cases, these two goals can force Time Machine to take a long time preparing for a backup to begin.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Time Machine uses an inventory system that OS X creates as part of the file system. In essence, any file that has been changed in any way is logged. Time Machine can compare this log of file changes against its own inventory of files. This log comparison system allows Time Machine to create incremental backups, which generally don’t take much time to perform, while still maintaining a complete backup of your files.

Normally, unless you’ve made major changes or added a number of new files to your drive, the “preparing backup” process is very quick. In fact, it’s so quick that most Time Machine users never notice it, except for the very first Time Machine backup, where the preparation phase does indeed take a long time.

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