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by Tom Nelson

I need an app to delete applications I install on my Mac for the purpose of checking them out, and possibly reviewing them, where appropriate. I go through quite a few apps each week, and unlike the early days of using a Mac, uninstalling is no longer as simple as dragging an app to the trash. In many cases, there are assorted files, preferences, startup items, and more that the application’s installer has scattered around my Mac. All of these extra files get left behind if I just drag the main app from the /Applications folder to the trash.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

That’s why I’m particularly happy with AppDelete from Reggie Ashworth. It works well, and doesn’t clog things up on my Mac.

AppDelete is a useful tool to have, especially if you tend to install and uninstall a large number of apps. Normally, dragging an app to the trash works fine to get rid of the main body of an app. But this method does leave behind a few stray bits in the form of preference files and other data files the app uses. In some cases, there may even be hidden daemons left behind, small apps that run in the background consuming resources.

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