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by Tom Nelson

Many Mac apps and utilities are provided as a preference pane, or they may include a preference pane component. Preference panes are installed and accessed through the System Preferences function in OS X. Apple maintains control over preference pane locations within the System Preferences window, reserving the first few rows strictly for its own system preferences.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Apple does allow third parties to add preference panes to the Other category, which shows up in the System Preferences window as the bottom row, even though it isn’t labeled as such. Early versions of OS X included the system preferences category names at the beginning of each row in the window. With the advent of OS X Mavericks, Apple removed the category names, though they retained the category organization within the System Preferences window.

With the Other category available to app developers as a place for their preference creations to be housed, you may find that you collect a number of preference panes as you install and try out various apps and utilities.

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