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by Tom Nelson

With the advent of OS X Lion, Apple began merging features of iOS and OS X. One of the most notable, simply because it was obvious to any Mac user who upgraded to any of the later versions of OS X, was the change to the default behavior of scrolling within a window or application. Scrolling is now performed using what Apple calls a “natural” scrolling method. Based on how multi-touch iOS devices scroll, the method will seem backwards for Mac users who have mostly or only worked with indirect pointing devices, such as mice and touchpads. With multi-touch devices, you use your finger directly on a screen to control the scrolling process.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

In essence, natural scrolling reverses the standard scrolling direction. In pre-Lion versions of OS X, you scrolled down to bring information that was below the window into view. With natural scrolling, the direction of scrolling is up; in essence, you are moving the page up to view the content that is below the view of the current window.

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