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by Tom Nelson

Upgrading from a previous version of OS X is the most common method of installing OS X Mavericks. An upgrade install also offers at least two benefits over a standard install; it’s a simple process, and it retains almost all of your settings, files, and apps from the version of OS X that you’re currently using.


Image courtesy of Apple

You may be wondering what the phrase “almost all” in the above sentence means. Mavericks will check to make sure that all of your apps are compatible with the OS; apps that won’t work with Mavericks will be moved to an Incompatible Software folder.

In addition, it’s possible that some preference settings, particularly for the Finder, will need to be reconfigured. That’s because the Finder, along with other parts of the OS, includes some changes that will require you to modify preference settings to meet your needs.

Aside from these minor inconveniences, performing an upgrade install of OS X Mavericks is pretty straightforward.

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