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by Tom Nelson

Have you been wondering how to change the font size or icon size in the Apple Mail sidebar? How about the Finder sidebar; are its icons too small or too large?

If you find the font and icon size in the Mail or Finder sidebars a little too large, as it is for me, it’s easy to change it to one that’s a better fit for you.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Apple consolidated the size controls for the Mail and Finder sidebars in OS X Lion and later into a single location. This makes it easier to change the size, but it means you’re limited to a single choice for multiple applications.

While changing the size is simple, you now need to have both the Mail and Finder windows open, so you can see the effect of the changes you make. There’s a good chance that when the Finder sidebar’s text is big enough, the Mail sidebar’s text is too big. This may seem odd at first, since the two apps are using the same text and icon sizes, but the difference comes in the number of items you have in each app’s sidebar.

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