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by Tom Nelson

Messages, as well as the earlier iChat messaging client that Messages replaced, has a unique feature that allows you to share your Mac desktop with a Messages or iChat friend. Screen sharing lets you show off your desktop or ask your friend for help with a problem you may be having. If you allow it, you can also let your friend take control of your Mac, which can very helpful if your friend is showing you how to use an app, a feature of OS X, or simply helping you troubleshoot a problem.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

This co-operative screen sharing is a great way to troubleshoot issues with a friend. It also provides a unique way for you to teach others how to use a Mac application. When you’re sharing someone’s screen, it’s just like you’re sitting down at his or her computer. You can take control and work with files, folders, and applications, anything that is available on the shared Mac’s system. You can also allow someone to share your screen.

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