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Get Siri Working on Your Mac

by Tom Nelson

Since the release of macOS Sierra, Apple has included the ever-popular Siri digital assistant from iOS devices. Now Siri is waiting in the wings to be the assistant for us Mac users as well.

While Siri is included with macOS, it isn’t enabled by default, and requires you to make a small effort to turn the Siri service on. This makes sense for many reasons, including privacy and security.


Screen shot © Coyote Moon, Inc.

Security and Privacy With Siri

From a security perspective, Siri uses Apple’s cloud-based services to perform many of its basic functions. Many companies have explicit policies about the use of cloud-based services, specifically to prevent corporate secrets from ending up in the cloud, where the company has no control over them. Even if you don’t work for a company that’s concerned about secrets, you should be aware that Siri will be uploading data to the cloud to help it answer questions you may ask.

When you use Siri, the things you say are recorded and sent to Apple’s cloud platform, which then processes the request.

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