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by Tom Nelson

The Apple refurb store posted a couple of price drops this week, mostly for the various models in the iPad lineup. But there were a few other price drops scattered around the store as well. So, if you’ve been monitoring a favorite product looking for a price drop, this may be the time to check it.


Image courtesy of Micron Technology, Inc.

Deals of the Week

Our deals this week are just a little bit different; instead of two Mac models making the deals list, we have a single Mac along with an SSD as our deals this week.

The first deal is for a 2015 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display, 8 GB RAM, and 256 GB flash-based storage; overall, a very nice configuration that should work well for most users.

Our second deal is for a Crucial MX300 SSD with 525 GB of storage. This 2.5-inch SSD would make a nice upgrade for a current Mac that only has a standard hard drive. It could be installed internally for those of you with pretty good DIY skills, or if you added an inexpensive enclosure, you could use the SSD as an external drive, with no need to spend a weekend performing Mac surgery to install the SSD.

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