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by Tom Nelson

Have you ever found yourself in the position where a CD or DVD was stuck in your Mac’s optical drive? Depending on the Mac model you own, getting the stuck disc out can be difficult, if not nearly impossible.

Or at least, so it seems. The problem arises because Apple has completely hidden the optical drive’s mechanical eject button on most Macs. Yes, that’s right; Apple’s desire for cutting-edge design has resulted in one of the basic ways to eject stuck media no longer being an option for Mac users.


Image courtesy of Apple

In the Windows world, you’ll find the optical drives on most PCs have a small hole near the front. Press a paper clip into the hole, and the drive will eject any media in the drive; very convenient.

On the Mac, the hole is missing, and all eject functions are performed electrically by sending an eject command to the drive. This shouldn’t be much of an issue for Mac users, as the result will be the same. Who cares whether the ejection was performed because of a paper clip or the operating system sending an eject command?

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