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by Tom Nelson

Ever since Apple released the first Magic Mouse in 2009, I’ve been a believer. The Magic Mouse both replaced my previous mouse (a Logitech model), and became my preferred pointing method, even when using a portable Mac. It is simply that good in my experience.


Image courtesy of Apple

When the second generation was released, the Magic Mouse 2, I was slightly less enthused; not because the performance or general experience of using the Magic Mouse changed all that much; I just wasn’t enamored by the built-in rechargeable battery, the requirement to use a lightning-to-USB cable to charge the mouse, and the fact that the lightning port is on the underbelly of the mouse, making it impossible to use while charging. I liked the simplicity of simply swapping out rechargeable AA batteries whenever the power levels got low, instead of having to anticipate low battery levels and make sure the Magic Mouse 2 was recharged when I wasn’t using the Mac.

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