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by Tom Nelson

Question: I just switched from a PC to a Mac. I’d like to use my Windows keyboard, but it seems to be missing some keys. For example, what is the command key I keep hearing about?


Answer: Newcomers and old pros alike use Windows keyboards with Macs. Why toss a perfectly good keyboard, just because you switched platforms? I’ve been using a Microsoft keyboard with my Mac for quite awhile. I just like how the keys feel better than the keyboards supplied by Apple. In fact, I’m dreading the day the Windows keyboard stops working and I have to find another. This model of keyboard hasn’t been made in years. I suppose I’ll check out Microsoft, Logitech, and even Apple offerings.

The point is you’re not compelled to use an Apple keyboard unless you wish to; any wired USB keyboard, or Bluetooth-based wireless keyboard, will work fine with a Mac.

In fact, Apple even sells the Mac Mini without a keyboard or mouse, allowing customers to supply their own. There’s just one little problem with using a non-Apple keyboard: figuring out some of the keyboard equivalents.

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