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by Tom Nelson

It’s amazing to think that Apple first released iMovie in 1999. That’s before OS X was released, meaning the first version of iMovie was designed for the old Mac OS 9. Starting with iMovie 3, the video editor was exclusively an OS X app, and began being bundled with Macs instead of being a separate add-on.


Two of the most recent versions, iMovie ’11 and iMovie 10.x, represent a rethinking of how iMovie should work, with an eye to simplifying the creative process. As you can imagine, this met with cries of anguish and outrage as many people found their favorite editing tools missing, and the workflow they were used to no longer being supported.

For the most part, the simplification process was an illusion, with most of the tools still available, just hidden away, because Apple figured most individuals never made use of them.

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