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by Tom Nelson

The Mac refurb store is nicely stocked this week, with every Mac model well represented. Even so, you may want to wait a bit before committing to a refurb purchase because Apple will be making Mac-related announcements on October 27th. I’m expecting 15-inch MacBook Pro updates; there could also be changes in store for the MacBook and MacBook Air lineup.

Less likely are any changes to the desktop Macs, even though on the whole, it’s the Mac Pro, Mac mini, and even the iMac that have the longest times between updates. If you’re thinking, “is that true?” just look at the Mac Pro, which was updated in 2013, then left to languish. The Mac mini isn’t much better, seeing its last update in 2014. The iMacs are faring slightly better, but they’re at risk of falling into the “we’ll get around to them someday” status at Apple.

Thankfully, I do think Apple will get around to the desktop Macs soon, with rumored updates for them sometime in early 2017. That means October will be for the portable Macs.

If you’re considering buying a refurb portable Mac, you should think about waiting until early November; chances are we’ll see some price drops in the current MacBook models in the refurb store.


Image courtesy of CaDiget

Deals of the Week

The deals this week are for Mac peripherals. First up, a 512 GB SSD in a small portable external enclosure that connects to a Mac via USB 3. This fast SSD is powered via the USB 3 port on a Mac, making this an easy tote-and-go storage solution.

The second deal is for a CalDigit Thunderbolt docking station. This docking station is a great way to provide additional connectivity to a Mac. With USB 3, eSATA, audio, Ethernet, and 4K HDMI you’ll be able to connect your Mac to just about anything, all through a single Thunderbolt 2 port.

Don’t forget that for any Mac you buy, you should consider an external drive for backup and additional storage, if you need it.

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