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by Tom Nelson

With each new version of the Mac OS come new tips and tricks hidden away in the operating system. While new discoveries are fun to find and share with Rocket Yard readers, it’s also fun to rediscover tips for past versions of the OS for features that are still available.

All of our tips are from older versions of OS X; we verified that they’re still functional with macOS, although in some cases, there’s been a slight change or two, which we note.

If you’re ready for this trip into the past, let’s get started.

Add Your Signature to Documents

It used to be a bit cumbersome to add a digital signature to a Mac document, at least until 2011, when OS X Lion first appeared. Along with Lion came an updated Preview app that included the ability to create, manage, and apply signatures to PDF documents.

The signature management system in Preview hasn’t changed too much, though some of the tools have been moved about. Originally, the signature creation function was part of the Preview preferences, but it now resides within the toolbar, as well as the menus.


You can create signatures by using your Mac’s built-in iSight camera to “scan” your signature on an existing paper document. You can also use your Mac’s trackpad to sign your signature with your fingertip, or better yet, an Apple Pencil, or any capacitive stylus, for that matter.

Launch the Preview app included with your Mac.

Open any PDF file.

From the Tools menu, select Annotate, Signatures, Manage Signatures.

Click the Create Signature button.

Preview will display a signature window with two tabs, labeled Trackpad and Camera. Select the tab for the method you wish to use.

Camera – Write your signature on white paper, and then hold the paper up to your camera. You’ll notice a faint horizontal blue line in the image. Align your signature so that it sits on the top of the line. For best results, move the paper close to the camera and hold the paper still. Your signature will appear in the Capture window. If you’re satisfied with the signature, click the Done button; otherwise, click Clear, and try again.

Trackpad – Click the ‘Click Here to Begin’ text, then using your finger or a stylus, write your name on the trackpad. When complete, press any key on your keyboard. Click Done to accept the signature, or Clear to try again.

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