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by Tom Nelson

Backups are one of the most important chores for all Mac users. This is especially true when you have a brand new Mac. Sure, we want to relish its newness, explore its capabilities. After all, it’s brand new, what could go wrong? Well, it’s a fundamental law of the universe, usually wrongly referenced to some guy named Murphy, But Murphy was just reminiscing about what earlier sages and wits already knew: if anything can go wrong, it will.

Before Murphy and his pessimistic buddies descend on your Mac, be sure you have a backup strategy in place.


Image courtesy of Shirt Pocket Software

Back Up Your Mac

There are many different ways to back up your Mac, as well as many different backup applications to make the task easier. In this article, we’re going to look at backing up a Mac used for personal use. We won’t be delving into the methodologies used by businesses of various sizes. We’re only concerned here with a basic backup strategy for home users that is robust, inexpensive, and easy to implement.

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